While I’m trying to convince the world (or maybe just myself) that I’m not just about my business, when it comes to getting in touch with me, doing it through my business profiles really is the best way. You can find contact forms, email, and a VOIP call button on my business site.  Reach out to me at PCS Creative Services.

As I get more invested in the idea of the indie web and owning my own content, I will probably settle on which website is going to be my own central hub. I have a few domains, and they currently serve different purposes. If you’ve taken a training class from me you’ve probably visited my .services domain I have the privilege of being able to design and support my own websites and tech and linking them together. That’s one thing I love about my work!

If you want to reach out here, I’ve added a contact form because I teach my clients that people should have plenty of options. I should practice what I preach…

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